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Learn, Network and Build With the Cal Poly Entrepreneurs Club

Cal Poly Entrepreneurs (CPE) is a club on campus that promotes innovation, entrepreneurship and the Learn by Doing spirit. CPE President, Alexa Rozell, leads the student-run club. 

In addition to her role at CPE, she is also the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) Hatchery coordinator for our on-campus program that fosters entrepreneurship initiatives among the student body, where she helps nurture the development of student-led startups at Cal Poly from idea generation to launch.

CPE and the Hatchery are open to all Cal Poly students. The broad range of majors across all colleges is part of what makes these programs so unique. They provide a great network to meet talented people and form a startup team. 

To learn more about CPE and the Hatchery, watch our video below to see for yourself what the hype is about. 

Graham Doig | CIE Faculty Fellow

Our CIE Faculty Fellows promote innovation and entrepreneurship on and off Cal Poly’s campus. They have passion for the Learn by Doing spirit and are innovators themselves. Graham Doig is no exception to this.

Doig is an assistant professor in the aerospace engineering department and the faculty advisor for Cal Poly’s PROVE project.

PROVE is the prototype vehicle lab on campus. Students are working to build the world’s fastest solar-powered vehicle. Students are currently raising money to continue prototyping and enhancing the design and motor in the vehicle. Through working on this project, students are learning real-world skills; they are not only engineering the vehicle, but also learning the industry and the business.

Doig facilitates this hands-on learning experience. He creates a bridge between Cal Poly and CIE, by encouraging students to think with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Watch our vlog below to get an inside look at PROVE.  See how these students are making this car a reality.


Community Business Incubator | WhiteFox Defense Technology

WhiteFox Defense Technology specializes in landing drones, but their mission is to keep them flying. They are drone enthusiasts and security experts, keeping the skies open to all responsible pilots and advancing the potential for drone technology to benefit society.

WhiteFox achieves this by using DroneFox technology to automatically detect, identify, and intercept drones at the press of a button.

WhiteFox was the first community startup to join the CIE’s Business Incubator Program. The CIE’s resources have allowed WhiteFox to reach their goals and grow quickly. To learn more and apply for the CIE Business Incubator Program click here.

Watch our vlog to find out more about the company and their latest success:

Coworking at the SLO HotHouse

Greg Gibson, CTO of Motimatic, is one of our coworkers at the SLO HotHouse.  He enjoyed launching his company here in SLO, and he is taking advantage of all the benefits coworking has to offer.

He attributes coworking as a factor to his success, “Being a part of this community, an even informal conversation in front of the coffee machine has inspired ideas.  With coworking, you get the benefits of working at a large company as a small startup.”

Click on our video below to learn more about Greg, his company and his experience with coworking.

ObserVR is Changing the VR Industry

ObserVR is a virtual reality analytics platform.  The company provides data-driven insights to power truly immersive experiences. ObserVR’s analytics capture behavior, analyze engagement and fuel growth. They analyze consumer data in order to help VR companies improve in-app functions and keep users engaged.

Check out our video blog for the inside scoop on ObserVR. Click below to meet CEO, Lucas Toohey; COO, Justin Cellona and CTO, Jacob Copus; and learn how they are changing the VR industry.

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