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Grow the entrepreneurial culture at Cal Poly by becoming a CIE Fellow

We hope you consider this opportunity to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs by applying to become a Faculty Fellow.

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What is a CIE Fellow? 

CIE Fellows pursue initiatives that bring entrepreneurial thinking and action into courses, co-curricular experiences, and research.


What is the benefit of becoming a CIE Fellow?

The CIE Fellows program supports full-time faculty of any rank by providing three years of funding for professional development and salary enhancement. CIE Fellows become part of an interdisciplinary community that shares an interest in innovation and entrepreneurship and is committed to inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs.


What does a CIE Fellow Award cover?

Year 1

CIE Fellow awards are made to fund actual travel costs to a conference related to entrepreneurship. Fellows can propose conferences pertaining to entrepreneurship in their disciplines or they can select from the following:

• Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (October 2017)
• US Association for Small Business & Entrepreneurship (January 2018)
• Open 2018, VentureWell (March, 2018)
• California Entrepreneurship Educators Conference (March, 2018)

An additional year one stipend may be awarded to support the Faculty Fellow’s engagement with the CIE student innovation & entrepreneurship programs.

Years 2 and 3

CIE Fellows receive awards to help defray faculty time and costs associated with supporting and engaging students, colleagues, and staff from the Fellow’s discipline with CIE student innovation & entrepreneurship programs, such as the Entrepreneurship Minor, Startup Weekend, Camp PolyHacks, Innovation Quest, the Hatchery, and the Accelerator. Proposals for new programs to support engagement should be sustainable and ongoing. Awards are made pending an approved proposal.

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As a CIE Fellow, what do I commit to?

In addition to completing the deliverables for each award year, CIE Fellows commit to becoming a part of the CIE network.


Fellows what happens after Year 3?

CIE Fellows remain part of the interdisciplinary network of faculty with a shared interest in innovation and entrepreneurship. They become Ambassadors, who continue to spread the word about CIE programs and provide guidance to students and faculty with an interest in innovation and entrepreneurship.


How do I apply to be a Fellow?

Submit your application by 11:59 p.m. Thursday, October 6 through the following link. You will need to:

  1. Identify the conference you’d like to attend in Year 1 and explain how it will support your efforts to bring entrepreneurial thinking and action into your classes, co-curricular experiences, and research (300 words).
  2. Provide a topic for a CIE Forum or other outreach event that reflects the intersection of your discipline with innovation and entrepreneurship. Explain why the topic will generate interest from faculty, students, and staff partners within your college (300 words).
  3. Upload a 2-page statement (2 pages max, 11 points, 1.5 spacing) and a timeline for implementation that covers the following:
    • Discuss your interest in the opportunity to bring innovation and entrepreneurial thinking and action into your classes, co-curricular experiences, or research.
    • Tell us about the course content, co-curricular program, or research pertaining to innovation and entrepreneurship that you intend to develop in Years 2 and 3. It’s likely that you’re thinking will evolve and we’ll ask you for revised one-page proposals for Years 2 and 3.
    • State how your proposal embodies the key goals of the CIE Fellows program.
      • Builds upon Cal Poly’s teacher/scholar model by involving students.
      • Stimulates the development of interdisciplinary programs involving students and faculty that build on or complement existing programming related to innovation and entrepreneurship at Cal Poly.
      • Increases innovation, entrepreneurship and technology commercialization on Cal Poly’s campus through education and exposure to the resources, programs and support of the Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, the Cal Poly Small Business Development Center, the TechPark, and the Technology Transfer Office.
      • Creates an interdisciplinary network of faculty with a shared interest in and language for entrepreneurship and innovation.
      • Offers faculty an avenue into interdisciplinary research and collaboration, and helps build the next generation of faculty leaders.
  1. Upload a CV

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