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SLO HotHouse Update: Flume

As the current drought continues to ravage the state of California, and the state presses its citizens to severely limit water usage—sanctioning heavy fines for those who exceed limits—calculating home water use is both essential and almost impossible for the consumer. Without an accurate measuring system, understanding your water consumption remains a guessing game.

Through studying this problem extensively in his senior project, Eric Adler and his two co-founders, James Fazio and Jeff Hufford, believed they found a better way for homeowners to accurately gauge their water usage. Utilizing flow information from positive displacement water meters, Adler and his team, Flume, created a product that will help regulate water use in California and across the country by addressing the most important factor in the equation: the homeowner.

Attaching to the water meter itself, generating real-time data through an intuitive app, Flume’s device allows homeowners to monitor water usage at any time, check for leaks and observe trends over a set time period.

After completing their senior project under the guidance of Dr. Thomas Katona, Assistant Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Cal Poly, Katona encouraged the team to apply to Innovation Quest (iQ), a business model competition that grants initial funding to early-stage startups.

The team performed well, winning investment money and eventually progressing to the SLO HotHouse Accelerator program, CIE’s flagship program.

Now at over five monthsin the SLO HotHouse, Flume has became immersed in the startup world.
“It’s the best program at Cal Poly,” said Adler. “It’s like an accelerated MBA program…you learn it and then you dive right into it.”

Adler and his company currently reside at the new SLO HotHouse location above Ross, continuing with CIE as one of 16 Incubating companies. They will spend the next year developing their company and preparing to launch a beta version of their product early next year.

Flume is looking to hire three full time employees: an embedded software engineer and iOS developer. If you or someone you know is interested, please contact Eric at

Watch Flume pitch at Demo Day.