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Grow the entrepreneurial culture at Cal Poly by becoming a CIE Faculty Fellow

We hope you consider this opportunity to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs by applying to become a Faculty Fellow.

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What is a CIE Faculty Fellow? 

CIE Faculty Fellows share an interest in innovation and entrepreneurship. They express a desire to

What is the benefit of becoming a CIE Faculty Fellow?

The CIE Faculty Fellows program supports the professional growth and development of the tenure-track faculty of any rank. CIE Faculty Fellows become part of a dynamic, interdisciplinary faculty community that is committed to inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs.

What does a CIE Faculty Fellow Award cover?

Awards are intended to incentivize participation in the following:

  1. CIE Forums and other CIE-sponsored events
  2. Quarterly Faculty Fellows meetings
  3. Conferences related to entrepreneurship
  4. Activities that engage students with the interdisciplinary entrepreneurship minor and CIE’s student innovation and entrepreneurship programs, such as Startup Weekend, the Hatchery, Camp PolyHacks, or Innovation Quest.

Year 1

An additional award may be made to fund actual travel costs to a conference related to entrepreneurship. Fellows can propose conferences pertaining to entrepreneurship in their own disciplines (e.g., the Entrepreneurial Journalism Educators Summit). Or, they can select from the following:

Years 2 and 3

CIE Faculty Fellows receive awards that support professional growth and development in innovation and entrepreneurship. It’s likely that your thinking will evolve as you engage with other CIE Faculty Fellows and learn more about CIE’s co-curricular programs during Year 1. We’ll work with you to develop a plan for Years 2 and 3.


CIE Faculty Fellows remain part of the interdisciplinary network of faculty with a shared interest in innovation and entrepreneurship. They continue to spread the word about CIE programs and provide guidance to students and faculty with an interest in innovation and entrepreneurship.

How do I apply to be a CIE Faculty Fellow?

1. Submit a 2-page proposal.

2. Include a CV

3. Submit your application by 11:59 p.m. Thursday, September 27 through the link available on the CIE Web site. Click here to apply!

How are the CIE Faculty Fellow selected?

The CIE Faculty Fellows will be selected by a screening committee of faculty, the CIE leadership, and others.

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