Learn, Network and Build With the Cal Poly Entrepreneurs Club

Cal Poly Entrepreneurs (CPE) is a club on campus that promotes innovation, entrepreneurship and the Learn by Doing spirit. CPE President, Alexa Rozell, leads the student-run club. 

In addition to her role at CPE, she is also the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) Hatchery coordinator for our on-campus program that fosters entrepreneurship initiatives among the student body, where she helps nurture the development of student-led startups at Cal Poly from idea generation to launch.

CPE and the Hatchery are open to all Cal Poly students. The broad range of majors across all colleges is part of what makes these programs so unique. They provide a great network to meet talented people and form a startup team. 

To learn more about CPE and the Hatchery, watch our video below to see for yourself what the hype is about.