2017 Innovation Quest Finalists

The Innovation Quest finalists have been announced. Check out the following list and find out who will be competing for the $15,000 grand prize this spring:

Alfa Grey Technologies: researches and develops technologies which protect the first-responders and servicemen and women who keep our families safe.

Archer Components: develops bicycle add-ons that transform any cable-driven shifting mechanism into a high precision, cable-free, Bluetooth operated, shifting system.

Atsá Foods LLC: an innovative foods company that incorporates Native American superfoods into everyday snacks.

Brandplug: allows marketers to lower their social media celebrity marketing costs by more than 50% by using our novel pay-per-impression social media celebrity marketing platform.

Current Solutions: the first comprehensive personal security solution for college-aged women who feel unsafe walking alone at night and parents who are worried for their children’s safety that integrates all four layers of security: deter, defend, respond, and record; It does this by automatically dispatching police to a user’s exact GPS location, notifying loved ones of the user’s situation, alerting the nearby Current community, and recording audio and video.

DTE Materials: manufactures high performing hemp building insulation sustainably from plant to home.

Fitmi: a smart mirror that provides a quick, holistic review of health and progress.

Grow Nodes: a wifi connected automated cannabis growing system that makes growing easy for anyone by constantly monitoring and adjusting the plants environment and notifying the user through the mobile app whenever the plant needs tending.

Pashion Footwear: an innovative fashion startup working to create a “practical and fashionable” approach to the classic stiletto heel – an adaptable shoe that can fully convert from a pump into a sandal.

PCkit: helps people build their own powerful, affordable gaming computers optimized to the specific video games they want to play.

PolyRents: simplifies the housing rental process for landlords, property managers, and tenants.

SharedElements: a platform that vertically integrates solutions for entrepreneurship.

SpotDrop: creates an adaptable smart irrigation system for vineyard managers who want to save water and increases the quality and yield of their crop by enabling vine-by-vine control and eliminating irrigation inefficiencies.