Cal Poly Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship startup acquired by Netmarble F&C

Former CIE Incubator company Gamerspeak was acquired by game developer Netmarble F&C Inc.

San Luis Obispo, CA — Former Cal Poly Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) startup Gamerspeak was acquired by online gaming company Netmarble F&C Inc. in December of 2021. Gamerspeak, founded in 2015, delivers actionable insights and recommendations from superusers to gaming companies.

The California-based startup joined the CIE Incubator shortly after it was founded. The Incubator is a two-year CIE program that helps early-stage companies develop into financially stable, high-growth enterprises through tools, training and infrastructure that facilitate smarter, faster growth. Gamerspeak graduated from the program in 2017.

“The first two years of my entrepreneurial journey were incubated in the CIE,” Gamerspeak founder and CEO Chad Kihm said. “After (participating in several CIE programs and competitions) I had $21,000 to bootstrap my business with. Not only that but the CIE provided access to incredible advisors that helped me fine tune GamerSpeak over the years into an attractive acquisition target.

Netmarble, a Korean-based company, focuses on the publishing and development of mobile games. 

The recent acquisition will increase Gamerspeak’s accessibility to game developers and promises to be a rewarding relationship for both companies and their stakeholders. Several new games are expected to roll out in the first quarter of 2022 as a result of the acquisition. 

“GamerSpeak has made many innovations in the gaming industry, so we are happy to strengthen our bond and excited to continue the wonderful journey with GamerSpeak,” Netmarble CEO Woo Won said.

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