Social Media: An Essential Tool for Your Startup

When you’re getting your startup off the ground, you spend countless hours working on your business model canvas and value proposition, getting out of the building and looking for customers. It is too often that creating a social media presence for your company takes a backseat to the other tasks on your startup to-do list.  

Don’t let this be the case for your startup! The time to start building your following is NOW! Publicize your company, and let people see first-hand the hard work you are putting in to make your dreams a reality. Social media is a powerful tool! Use it early and use it often. Use it to showcase your work, connect with customers and create opportunity.

Here are a few tips for your startups social media strategy:

1. Don’t try to be on every platform.

One big mistake companies make on social media is spreading themselves too thin. If you can’t keep up with five social media platforms, then don’t spread your reach that far. It’s better to be on one platform and have a really strong presence, than be on multiple and have a mediocre presence.

With that said, pick your platforms with purpose. What platform is your customer segment on? Is your company interesting visually? If not, steer clear from Instagram. What platforms allow you to connect best? Many investors and business professionals are on Twitter, so this could be a great opportunity to get noticed in the startup world.

2. Be real.

Part of what is so unique to a startup is how it creates a lifestyle for the people who are a part of it. Share your life inside and outside the office. Let your followers get to know you. By being authentic, you will connect with people and draw them in.

3. Everything you share is a part of your brand.

Yes, you should share things in and out of the office, but with that said, make sure everything you share is on brand. Are you a wedding planning company? Share a shot of fresh blooms from the florist you got that day or an artsy cup of coffee you enjoyed at a local coffee shop. A great way to determine whether or not something fits your brand is to determine your company’s top 5 brand buzzwords. An example of a buzzword set could be: adventurous, innovative, fun, creative and happy. If your post doesn’t represent your brand buzzwords, then don’t post it.

4. Create content that adds value.

Social media is about interacting. You won’t gain a great social media presence simply by sharing what your company does. You’ll gain a great following by interacting with your followers and creating content that adds value to their lives. For example, if you’re a bike shop write a blog about how they can fix a flat  with a product you sell when they’re out on the trails. Or, offer Instagram followers a coupon code for their next online purchase. By intertwining your product with special tips and deals, you make sure that the interaction isn’t one-sided. Your followers should experience benefits through following you. This gives them a reason to stay interested.

5. Be consistent. 

A great way to make sure that you post good, frequent content is to make a social media calendar. Plan out your posts and schedule them. By keeping track of your posts in an organized fashion, it’s easier to track analytics and adjust your strategy based on what worked well and what didn’t. Don’t be afraid to change and evolve as you experiment with social media and grow your following.

Experiment with social media. Be bold, have fun and most importantly, engage with people! Also, let’s stay connected; be sure to follow the CIE on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.