Eric Meyer

I graduated with a great education in art and design, but I didn’t know what it would take to run a business.

How often do you get to set your own trajectory with the support of a group of people whose primary goal is to see you succeed? That’s what these students are getting.

As a Cal Poly CIE supporter, I get to put people, their ideas, and their diverse backgrounds together and see what happens. It is mind-blowing to see how this hybrid of multiple disciplines is creating successes that others can”t touch. There’s a synergy that’s hard to describe.

Helping students explore entrepreneurship is exciting. You never know when something you’ve offered will help. Sometimes it’s as simple as a nudge, an introduction, a link to something you’ve seen. Suddenly you see that spark and things are in motion. Being a part of it is fun and rewarding.

As a San Luis Obispo resident, I love knowing that if any of these energetic, courageous entrepreneurs decide to incorporate here, the beautiful town I call home will be enriched by our mutual efforts.

Founder, Simple Shoes
Cal Poly Art & Design Alumnus

Founder’s Circle // Early Involvement // Mentor // Guest Lecturer
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