Lisa Hufford

I wish Cal Poly CIE had existed when I was a student. It would have allowed me to start my company much sooner and with a lot more confidence.

As soon as I heard that Cal Poly was creating an entrepreneurship center, I knew I had to be involved. I live in Washington, so I have less hands-on involvement than some supporters. Even so, my recent participation in a CIE conference in San Luis Obispo confirmed that my contributions have impact.

Seeing professors, mentors and experts from all walks of life sharing experiences and ideas with students was invigorating.

I met students who already have a strong sense of direction. They have a handle on who they are and how they’ll make a difference. They are empowered. They understand entrepreneurship in a way that took me years to grasp. I’m proud to be contributing to their continued success.


Founder & CEO, Simplicity Consulting, Inc.
Cal Poly Business Administration Alumna

Founder’s Circle // Keynote Speaker, Women Who Inspire Conference
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