Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

SLO HotHouse Incubator

At the conclusion of each accelerator program, a select group of companies are invited to remain at the SLO HotHouse for this 24-month program to continue developing their business while utilizing all of the resources of the SLO HotHouse: office space, internet, mentorship, conference rooms and an invaluable peer network.

The programming of the incubator includes monthly Peer Roundtable Discussions, an Incubator Advisory Board, networking opportunities, and exclusive access to various entrepreneurial events in the community.

Incubating companies pay a membership fee, starting at $50 that increases every 6 months until it reaches average market price for a comparable professional office space in downtown San Luis Obispo.


Current Incubator Companies

Higea’s magnetic; oil-absorbing powder allows rapid response and collection for oil spills of all sizes. CleanMag powder is the only magnetic sorbent on the market.


Hand-crafted on the Central Coast with the fruits and herbs that define west coast life, Calivore Spirits is bottling the California experience.


Reduce. Reuse. Grow. aims to replace unsustainable packaging products with smarter eco-friendly solutions while restoring local communities’ native landscapes.


Bottlefly uses machine learning and AI technology to change the way people purchase wine and other products in the retail environment.


Flume is putting your household water usage in the palm of your hand with their innovative IoT sensor. Protect your home from water damage, conserve our most valuable resources and avoid costly water bills with Flume’s technology.


App Scrolls is an online community platform that increases player engagement and retention for any game. After partnering with one of the largest mobile games in the world and perfecting their service, they are focused on expanding to more top grossing strategy games.


Brandplug is software to help marketers buy high quality, high return-on-investment promotion from social media celebrities.

Current is transforming personal safety. Today, 93% of the world owns a mobile device, and Current is developing a phone case and app that keeps users safe with the touch of a button by automatically dispatching the police, notifying friends and community members, recording video, and activating physical protection.

Gatherologie allows people to book event space and vendors directly through their website. They are creating a marketplace that allows homeowners, landowners, and business owners to list their properties and event services.


Spectrvm allows you to physically feel live music with the Spectrvm Pack. The Spectrvm Pack processes live music and vibrates the bass frequencies throughout your body, creating and brand new and incredibly immersive way to experience music.

BoltAbout empowers city commuters and students with quick, sustainable transportation by renting electric bikes on a month-to-month basis.

ObserVR has built analytics software for virtual reality, which gives developers true visibility into how users actually experience their products. The ObserVR platform allows content creators to measure user engagement and better understand what promotes continued use.

WhiteFox Defense Technologies, Inc. makes a portable and tactical solution for mitigating domestic UAS and drone threats. Their flagship product, the “DroneFox,” uses a process of detection, identification, and interception to enable first responders to reroute drones that are flying illegally or threatening public safety.