Graduated Incubator Companies




DEMO is two way marketplace in which artists can “go public” like a company would and sell tokens (“NFTs”) that represent shares in their art. Artists can also buy tokens containing the personal data of their fans and investors if those users opt in.



Novocuff is a medical device company committed to advancing the field of maternal health. They are currently developing a device to prevent preterm labor and improve outcomes for infants and families.



Tallyfor enhances online accounting software with the ability to complete business taxes by helping owners move data from source transactions to IRS filing.



TractorCloud is an end-to-end heavy machinery diagnostic, management, and predictive maintenance cloud platform.



TRIC Robotics provides farmers with an alternative to pesticides by combining ultraviolet light with automation, reducing treatment uncertainty and hazardous labor while increasing profitability.



Zeste Farms is an indoor vertical farm producing living greens like kale, arugula, cilantro, parsley, basil, dill, dandelion, etc.



Zoetic Motion gives people the power to heal at home. They improve patient adherence through gamifying the process and rewarding their users, while equipping physical therapists with the ability to maximize patient progress.

2019 – 2021

Armadillo Designs is creating custom shell designs for pickup trucks to maximize efficiency, productivity, and security.

Atlas Alpha is creating the best place to enjoy, buy, and discuss board games online.

De Oro Devices has created Nexstride, which discreetly fastens to your cane, walker or walking poles. Its uniquely combined audio and visual cues let you break free of Parkinson’s freezing, and start walking again.

Neocharge is surging past the barriers of home EV charging. Save on installation, charge up at the best times, and wake up with the full battery you deserve.

Roopairs is interconnecting commercial food equipment repair companies, manufacturers, dealers, and reps all on one platform to optimize service delivery.

Trees has built the platform and machine learning, for freshman students, for new moms, for PTSD, and for wellness. V5 is in testing.

2017 – 2019

Arkitu is simplifying the end of market check out process, designed with market managers in mind.

BoltAbout’s electric bikes and electric scooters are easy to get started for first timers and will give you an immersive and memorable experience.

DTE Materials is the first domestic hempcrete block manufacturer.

Inspired Flight Technologies is an unmanned aircraft manufacturer that develops and produces drones with US-sourced electronics and specialize in custom integration of third party payloads and niche use-case scenarios.

Motoroso is dedicated to serving the needs of America’s most passionate automotive and powersports enthusiasts.

Pashion Footwear has created the world’s first fully convertible high-heel.

PolyRents simplifies housing applications for tenants and provides landlords with the data they need to make intelligent screening decisions.

Wildnote’s environmental field data collection app and web management software streamlines Construction Compliance, Wetland Delineation, and Cultural Resource Management projects.

2015 – 2017

BrandPlug helps marketers buy promotion for products or services on social media from online influencers.

Every spirit Calwise offers is made by hand in Paso Robles, CA with local ingredients and dedication to craftmanship. They also feature our spirits in fresh artisan cocktails, available for take-out or to enjoy in our lounge.

GamerSpeak empowers people from developing countries to join a new metaverse economy and earn an income, all while learning new skills and interacting with the global blockchain gaming community.

Flume is changing the way we consume water. Manage, monitor, and conserve the world’s most precious resource.

Reduce Reuse Grow Inc runs and maintains various corporate social responsibility programs specifically related to the company’s 1-for-1 restoration proprietary business model and services.


2013 – 2015

Boost Acquisition targets exclusive seller leads based on your retail or wholesale preferences via our omni-channel marketing program.

Inpress Technologies has patented a way to incorporate recycled rubber into the plastics manufacturing process that brings down materials cost to 1/6.

Mega Matter
MegaMatter is developing a new generation of high-performance, non-toxic flame retardants.

MOJA Gear is a community-driven online rock climbing marketplace.

RepairTech is a combined RMM and PSA platform including Invoicing, Credit Card Payments, Help Desk, Customer Management, Automation, Scripting, Remote Access, Email Marketing and more.

Squid logo
SquidNotes enables users to create beautiful notes at any zoom level and on any compatible device.

Tastry is the world’s most innovative sensory sciences company. They match the products to people using chemistry, machine learning and every person’s individual palate.