Open to the business community, our two-year incubator program includes everything needed for early-stage companies to develop into financially stable, high-growth enterprises by providing the tools, training and infrastructure that help facilitate smarter, faster growth.

Programming includes all the essential tools needed to succeed such as:

Businesses will also be able to utilize all of the CIE HotHouse resources, such as office space, conference rooms and an invaluable peer network. Programming includes virtual and in-person options. Applications are open year round.

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Find out more about our current incubator companies listed below.

Abstract Security Inc is a stealth cybersecurity startup focused on developing advanced solutions to protect businesses and organizations from cyber threats.

AMS Pharma is a MedTech startup focused in the neurology medicine and device industry.

CastleLock is bringing firearm safety into the 21st century with their innovative firearm safety device integrated with high speed biometric technology. The team at CastleLock is dedicated to their mission of saving lives by reinventing firearm safety in the United States.

Farm to Table Co. is improving independent access to quality food and maximizing crop yields while reducing the environmental costs of food production in a meaningful way in our communities.

Horizen Technologies is working to empower people to make better decisions while drinking through their non-invasive, discrete, bar friendly product: a one-time-use smart patch that monitors wearer BAC levels using our proprietary chemical sensing system.

Little Place Labs is a software company that specializes in building advanced machine-learning solutions for deployment and execution on satellites and other space infrastructures.

Mense is a Feminine Hygiene Product Company with a mission to provide a more comfortable, safe, and most importantly working solutions for people with periods. The first product they are designing is a beginner-friendly menstrual cup!

Nexstera Tech is transforming material identification. Their Pyrotack dual radar system, powered by advanced ML, scans waste bins for lithium-ion batteries on waste hauler vehicles, enhancing safety in waste management. This not only helps collection companies reduce risks but also promotes e-waste education.

Quantum’s TotalView Energy Platform illuminates the hidden costs, impacts and opportunities of the clean energy transition with exponentially faster electricity grid modeling and advances in life cycle assessment.

Social Spark Inc. is striving to be the most-effective and trusted company inspiring lasting friendships amidst an increasingly digital and isolated world. They utilize friendship-matching technology to initiate social interactions and provide members with in-person opportunities to meet new people and develop meaningful connections.