Cal Poly San Luis Obispo


Open to the business community, our two-year incubator program includes everything needed for early-stage companies to develop into financially stable, high-growth enterprises by providing the tools, training and infrastructure that help facilitate smarter, faster growth.

Programming includes all the essential tools needed to succeed such as:

Businesses will also be able to utilize all of the CIE HotHouse resources, such as office space, conference rooms and an invaluable peer network. Programming includes virtual and in-person options. Applications are open year round.

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Find out more about our current incubator companies listed below.

AcreCloud’s farm-management platform offers growers and contractors customized control over their operations, extensive auditing capabilities, and access to new products, such as AcrePay and AcreAnalytics.

AMS Pharma is a MedTech startup focused in the neurology medicine and device industry.

ARTIFEX is an early-stage building technologies company focused on creating a spatial detection tool, the AFX-10, to expedite the as-built drawing process for construction professionals.

BlendKraft is helping winemakers eliminate redundant and non-creative work so the winemaker can focus on the art of blending wines.

DEMO is two way marketplace in which artists can “go public” like a company would and sell tokens (“NFTs”) that represent shares in their art. Artists can also buy tokens containing the personal data of their fans and investors if those users opt in.

The Farm to Table Co. is improving independent access to quality food and maximizing crop yields while reducing the environmental costs of food production in a meaningful way in our communities.

Intersect is a personal training platform. Utilizing artificial intelligence and wearable fitness technology to empower their coaches to bring one-on-one accountability and next generation results to the world.

Little Place Labs is a software company that specializes in building advanced machine-learning solutions for deployment and execution on satellites and other space infrastructures.

Novocuff is a medical device company committed to advancing the field of maternal health. They are currently developing a device to prevent preterm labor and improve outcomes for infants and families.

Quantum’s TotalView Energy Platform illuminates the hidden costs, impacts and opportunities of the clean energy transition with exponentially faster electricity grid modeling and advances in life cycle assessment.

Ryde personalizes long distance travel for college students through peer-to-peer service. Their community enables students to find the right riders and drivers for their trips so they can share the cost of travel.

TractorCloud is an end-to-end heavy machinery diagnostic, management, and predictive maintenance cloud platform.

TRIC Robotics provides farmers with an alternative to pesticides by combining ultraviolet light with automation, reducing treatment uncertainty and hazardous labor while increasing profitability.

Vetama is a mobile veterinary franchise. Veterinarians receive business support and have a high quality of life while pet-owners receive personal veterinary care from the comfort of their home.

Zeste Farms is an indoor vertical farm producing living greens like kale, arugula, cilantro, parsley, basil, dill, dandelion, etc.

Zoetic Motion gives people the power to heal at home. They improve patient adherence through gamifying the process and rewarding our users, while equipping physical therapists with the ability to maximize patient progress.