Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

HotHouse Incubator

Incubator companies from 2018-2020 pictured left to right: Roopairs, De Oro Devices, Neocharge and Incubator Director Judy Mahan. (Photo taken pre COVID-19)

Open to the business community, our two-year HotHouse Incubator program includes everything needed for early-stage companies to develop into financially stable, high-growth enterprises by providing the tools, training and infrastructure that help facilitate smarter, faster growth.

While programming for the incubator has gone virtual, it still includes all the essential tools needed to succeed such as:

Businesses will also be able to utilize all of the HotHouse resources, such as office space, conference rooms and an invaluable peer network. Applications are open year round.

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Find out more about our current incubator companies listed below.

The Future Is Good (FIG) is a comprehensive sustainability-centric community and marketplace that allows visitors to shop sustainable products, learn about social and environmental issues, and join a community of people excited about building a good future, together.

Armadillo Designs is creating the Armadillo Shell for the back of a pickup truck. Innovating a better storage solution for construction workers and other trades alike.

What if, when you found yourself in a new situation, an app could tell you what actions worked best for someone like you? It would be like having a big sister or brother who had been there and succeeded. Trees has built the platform and machine learning, for freshman students, for new moms, for PTSD, and for wellness. V5 is in testing.

Tallyfor enhances online accounting software with the ability to complete business taxes by helping owners move data from source transactions to IRS filing.

Blueline Robotics is working to save lives by providing first responders with cost-effective tactical robotic solutions.


Dcubed develops mass-customizable, export restriction-free Actuators and Deployable Structures that make advanced SmallSat & CubeSat missions possible by keeping especially the need of New Space Customers in mind.

Enduro Campers builds off-road camper trucks that combine the comfort and convenience of a campervan with the off-road capabilities of a pickup truck.  Enduro Campers replaces the bed of any pickup truck with an extremely strong, super light, wood-free camper body constructed from advanced composite materials.