Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

HotHouse Incubator

Open to the business community, our two-year HotHouse Incubator program includes everything needed for early-stage companies to develop into financially stable, high-growth enterprises by providing the tools; training and infrastructure that help facilitate smarter, faster growth.

While programming for the incubator is going virtual for the rest of 2020, it still includes all the essential tools need to succeed such as one-on-one mentorship from expert consultants from the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and Cal Poly alumni, monthly peer-to-peer roundtable discussions, an advisory board for each startup in the program, participation in pitch events, networking opportunities with distinguished business leaders and a direct pipeline to statewide angel groups and venture capital firms. Businesses will also be able to utilize all of the HotHouse resources, such as office space, conference rooms and an invaluable peer network. Applications are now open all year round.

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Find out more about our current incubator companies listed below.

The Future Is Good (FIG), an online marketplace that sells sustainable goods and connects users with content that teaches the importance of sustainability and provides resources needed to improve their environmental impacts.

Armadillo Designs is creating the Armadillo Shell for the back of a pickup truck. Innovating a better storage solution for construction workers and other trades alike.

Trees is an AI app that helps people achieve their goals connecting them to methodologies that best fit their personality type.

Bridge is increasing access to mental health services for those seeking care by connecting verified mental health professionals across all license types on a secure referral and messaging platform.

Totem is a music festival communication platform that allows attendees to call and text each other, even in the absence of an internet connection.


Fruji makes it easier for people to snack healthier. We are re-defining the gelatin snack category by making the first of its kind all-natural, functional, and convenient gelatin snack.

SNACK WITH SOPH is a healthy customizable snack subscription box delivered straight to your door. Our boxes not only contain snacks derived from whole food ingredients but creates a place for our members to gather and freely express themselves. Together, we are able to support each other’s successes failures as well as highlight topics in the mental health space, eating disorder recovery, and female empowerment.

CADU provides information to help navigate the ADU process and connects homeowners with service professionals according to their preferences. Our mission is to provide the best experience for homeowners and builders, connecting them and service professionals with the best tools, resources and vendors.

We believe the way that people work, learn, and play is rapidly evolving. We want to support and encourage this evolution by demonstrating that the workable environment shouldn’t be limited by our outdated reliance on wifi and power. We’re doing this with MO, Imperium’s Mobile Office that keeps all your devices charged and connected with an all-in-one portable charger and hotspot.

Enduro Campers builds off-road campertrucks that combine the comfort and convenience of a campervan with the off-road capabilities of a pickup truck.  Enduro Campers replaces the bed of any pickup truck with an extremely strong, super light, wood-free camper body constructed from advanced composite materials.